Man attacks former Gov. Pat McCrory’s car with large tree limb

Pat McCrory, then-governor of North Carolina, holds a news conference with fellow members of the Republican Governors Association at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce February 23, 2015 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A man attacked the former North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory’s car with a large tree limb after recognizing him at the wheel, according to a Charlotte police report obtained by WSOC.

It happened at the intersection of Selwyn Avenue and Runnymede Lane Wednesday afternoon.

McCrory said it started because of confusion over right-of-way. McCrory said a man at the intersection looked upset and walked up to his car after two utility trucks turned left in front of him off Selwyn Avenue.

McCrory said on WBT Radio that the man “starts yelling and cussing at me, and he has a big stick in his hand, a huge stick, a limb, a huge limb that is taller than he is — and he is a big man.”

“’I recognize you,’” the man told the former governor. “’You’re Pat McCrory, (expletive),’ and I’m going, ‘Uh- oh,’” McCrory said. “He proceeds to take his big limb from a tree that he is carrying across the street like Moses would and he slams it on top of my car.”

According to the police report, the tree limb caused about $600 worth of damage to McCrory’s car, but he said he’s not sure how much it will cost to make repairs. There have been no arrests.

Read more at WSOC.

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