High Point family braces for Friday storms that could do more damage to house

HIGH POINT, N.C. -- It has been four days since Sally Little and her family’s house was heavily damaged by two fallen trees. Now, they anxiously wait as more heavily rain and winds threaten to destroy even more of the items inside.

“It’s suppose to start raining tonight and tomorrow,” Sally Little said Thursday afternoon. “With that big hole in the house -- everything -- all my memories are going to be gone.”

Monday morning’s heavy winds knocked down trees onto Sally’s house. The limbs caused the roof to buckle and fold in on itself.

“It was falling on us,” said James Little, Sally’s son. “We just jumped up screaming and running. As we looked back, stuff is still falling behind as we were running.”

They were only able to escape with the clothes of their back. The fractured structure has been declared unsafe to re-enter.

Sally said that it wasn’t until Thursday morning that they were told they would have to tarp the house themselves.

“I can’t pay no one to come out and fix it. I’m on a fixed income,” she said.

Sally said all her and her family are left with is to sit and watch as every precious memory still inside their house inches closer to being destroyed by more heavy rain and winds.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help them.

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