Model of the Jewish Tabernacle created in Davidson County

DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. - Behind the historic Abbott's Creek Missionary Baptist church you'll find a replica of biblical proportions.

“When you walk in you get a feel for the scale,” said church member Beau Bowman.

He along with others have spent months recreating a model of the Jewish Tabernacle straight out of the Bible.

“This is full scale; 150 feet long, 75 feet wide,” he said. The Holy of Holies area; 45 feet wide, 15 feet length and 15 feet tall.”

It took members 6 months working on the pieces and 5 to 6 weeks converting the church’s baseball field in the Tabernacle.

“When we finished, it moved everybody’s heart because the Bible came to life,” he said. “When you physically see the size and understand what God is trying to accomplish it really touches your heart.”

Already more than 600 people have flocked for a tour.

“We’ve had all denominations; we’ve had several different religions come through because they want to learn about it.”

The tour is free and open to anyone through the Easter weekend from 2 p.m. – til.

To schedule a group tour give Abbotts Creek Missionary Baptist Church a call at (336) 869-8410.

The church is located at 2817 Abbotts Creek Church Road (Davidson County) High Point, N.C.

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