Greensboro police looking for woman who stole items from yards, porches

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Home surveillance video captured a woman carrying stolen items throughout the Highland Park neighborhood.

"There are a lot of people home during the day and for her to be brazen enough to do that during the day was kind of surprising," said Melody Seely, a resident.

People who live in the community had missing items from in and around their yards and porches -- including a fish tank.

"I go into my kitchen and I noticed she’s walking across my yard instead of down my driveway going into the neighbor’s yard. That prompted me to look at my security cameras and then I saw her walking down my neighbor’s driveway with no fish tank but a lawnmower, so that’s when we called the police," Eric Lapp said.

Lapp's surveillance video showed the woman walking down the street with several of the stolen items. She then knocked on his door while holding a fish tank.

"She’s trying to sell me now a fish tank filled with stuff for $6," Lapp said.

According to Greensboro police, the woman pictured stole several items outside of multiple homes on Princeton Avenue and United Street on April 2.

Neighbors later realized she was picking up items and dropping them off in different yards after posting about the incident on their NextDoor and Facebook apps.

"People were like, 'Hey I know whose stuff this is because I have a chainsaw in my yard and a gas can,' and, 'I think the stuff in the fish tank is mine.'"

After this bizarre incident, residents plan to keep their belongings further away from where they could easily be snatched.

"A lot of stuff has gone back in the shed and I now have a padlock on my shed. So, nobody can get in there unless I want them too," Seeley said.

If you have any information on this case, contact Crimestoppers (336) 373-1000.

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