Greensboro intersections to be upgraded with flashing yellow arrows

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Greensboro City Council approved upgrades for eight intersections Tuesday night, part of a proposed project by the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

Engineer Division Manager Chris Spencer explained that the city has been installing flashing yellow arrows for years, hoping to reduce left-turn crashes.

“Studies have shown that left turn crashes are reduced from anywhere between 30-40 percent" he said. "Drivers understand that they need to yield to the oncoming traffic.”

A spokesperson with NCDOT said that over the past five years, East Wendover Avenue at Gatewood Avenue has seen 15 left-turn crashes.

The eight intersections were selected as higher crash areas or because they were along a corridor with those locations.

“At this point we’re prioritizing those locations where we see a pattern of left turn crashes and this could improve safety,” Spencer said.

The total project will cost around $75,000 and will be reimbursed by NCDOT.

While the installations are a state project, Spencer says they fall in line with the city's goals.

“It leads well to our Vision Zero program, just looking for any opportunities large or small to improve safety and make roads safer for users,” he said.

Arrows will be installed at East Wendover Avenue at Gatewood Avenue, Market Street at English Street, Gate City Boulevard at Willow Road, Randleman Road at West Elmsley Road, Randleman Road at Glendale Street, Randleman Road at Vandalia Road, Battleground Avenue at Corwallis Drive and Market Street at Holden Road.

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