23-year-old paramedic partially paralyzed after cracking her neck caused her to have stroke

Natalie Kunicki (GoFundMe)

LONDON — A 23-year-old paramedic was partially paralyzed after cracking her neck caused her to have a stroke, the Daily Mail reports.

Natalie Kunicki was in bed watching a movie with a friend on March 4 when she stretched her neck and heard a loud crack.

She didn’t think anything of it at first, but when she got up 15 minutes later to use the bathroom, she fell to the floor.

Her friend had to pick her up out of the floor and Kunicki said at first she thought she might have been drugged.

After putting it off, worried her coworkers would come and find her seeming tipsy, she finally called 999 (Britain’s version of 911).

She was rushed to the hospital and later learned that while stretching her neck, she burst her vertebral artery, which caused a blood clot to form in her brain. The blood clot triggered a stroke.

Doctors performed surgery, but were unable to clear the clot. Kunicki’s left side was almost completely paralyzed.

Exercising daily has helped her regain some mobility but she said she is still “really clumsy” and can only walk for about five minutes.

She said she is hoping to be back to work in six to 12 months.

“People need to know that even if you’re young something this simple can cause a stroke,” she said.

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