High Point University students from France talk about impact of Notre Dame Cathedral fire

HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Two brothers from France studying at High Point University were shocked to find out one of their country’s greatest landmarks caught fire.

FOX8 spoke with Tobias and Joshua Weiss on the campus about how the Notre Dame Cathedral fire will impact Paris.

"It was truly shocking and was pretty sad because I know how much of a monument it is to France," Joshua Weiss said.

Video from the scene showed the flames taking over the Paris sky as hundreds of people watched. The cathedral is more than 800 years old. Part of the roof collapsed and the spire fell as 400 firefighters fought for hours to bring the blaze under control.

"I was just surprised with how big the fire was and how long it has been lasting for just like hours of just burning,” Tobias Weiss said.

Last year, Tobias and some of his fellow High Point University students took a trip to Paris and toured several places, including Notre Dame, and took several pictures of the historic cathedral.

"I was watching the news my roommate who was on that trip and he pulled out a picture of when we were there and put it next to the burning Notre Dame and just seeing the difference was like hurting, you know, and was kind of painful,” Tobias said.

They say it’s hard to see such a historic place of worship go up in flames, especially for Catholics.

"A lot of Catholics were really shocked by the event and what truly impactful it is for them and what it really means for them,” Joshua said.

Since the fire caused so much damage, the brothers say they expect this will have an impact on future tourism.

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