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Police looking for hit-and-run driver after 5-year-old boy hurt outside of Greensboro Walmart

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GREENSBORO, N.C. – Greensboro police and a local family need your help in finding a car that hit a 5-year-old in a Walmart parking lot.

That car kept going, leaving the child on the ground.

"Me and my brother were in my grandma’s van. I ran across the street. I was trying too," says 5-year-old Kmarion. "Then I hit the passenger door and then I fell down.

He remembers his Tuesday afternoon trip to Walmart quite clearly.

"I got rolled over," he said. "It did hurt."

His left ankle is now in a splint as doctors wait for the swelling to go down enough to take better X-rays.

"It ain't feeling better," Kmarion says.

He's in good spirits, but his mom, Charlita Hamilton, is worried.

"I just watched the surveillance video yesterday. You can see the car hit him from the front passenger side of the car," Hamilton says. "He hit the car and rolled over and fell. The car ran over his leg."

She wasn't there when it happened but says just watching the surveillance footage made her heart drop.

"I was terrified. I was scared. It's crazy to see the car hit my child and keep going. I think that's the most traumatic part for me," she says.

Hamilton tries to make sure her sons are safe while crossing streets.

"I practice with them. 'When you're going into Walmart what do you do?" she says. "He's 5. He's still going to run."

She says the driver could have stopped and been more cautious.

"He was not going to be able to avoid him because he ran out so fast. I'm not trying to blame him for hitting him, but it's their fault because they didn't stop," said Hamilton. "I think people should be more cautious when they're driving in parking lots. This car was going pretty fast."

They know Kmarion is lucky.

"It could have been a lot worse. A whole lot worse. But I'm glad it's just his leg," she says.

They're praying that the driver comes forward soon.

"We want the dark blue car to get caught," says Kmarion. "We want everybody to help us."

Police are looking for a dark blue Dodge Avenger with tinted windows.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Greensboro Police Department or Crimestoppers.

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