North Carolina dog in running for hero dog award for work in war zones

Sgt. Yeager

CARY, N.C. —  A Cary dog named Sgt. Yeager is an American war hero, and now you can help him win a national prize, WTVD reports.

While working alongside his U.S. Marine Corps handler, Sgt. Yeager detected the location of dozens of explosive devices during his three combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to the organization.

Now he is in the running for the American Humane Hero Dog Awards.

He suffered injuries and lost part of his ear from an IED in 2012. His handler was killed in the explosion. Sgt. Yeager was awarded the Purple Heart.

He is now living with a Marine family in Cary.

“Yeager at 12 years of age is beginning to show signs of aging, though his spirit is undiminished,” said American Humane. “Despite his trials and being witness to acts of terrorism, Yeager remains a sweet dog with an infinitely joyful disposition.”

Round one of voting in the American Humane Hero Dog Awards is open until May 2.

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