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Molly Hughes, 21 months, beats stage-4 cancer

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. -- A toddler is cancer-free after 15 months or grueling treatments, WBKO reports.

Molly Hughes went through five round of chemotherapy and spent 130 nights in the hospital to beat stage-4 cancer.

Now, the sweet little girl is celebrating the call that she is cancer-free.

So she is trading in hundreds of nights in a hospital for what every 21-month-old longs for -- bubbles and tire swings in sunshine.

"She loves being outside. From the time she gets up until she goes to bed she's just wild, playing and just so full of energy and just loves doing what a baby should be doing," said Molly's mother, Chelsea Hughes.

The family used the hashtag #MollyStrong to show support for the toddler during her treatments.

"She would just bounce back after every treatment. I mean it would knock her down for few days and then she would be up playing again," Chelsea Hughes said.

The girl's mother says she believes what kept Molly going went beyond medicine.

"I believe that's what's helped her get through is all the prayers she's had and we just can't thank everybody enough for praying for her and supporting us through all of this," Chelsea Hughes said.

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