People enjoy unusual spring snow in the Piedmont Triad

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- People across the Triad watched as snow came down for several hours Tuesday afternoon.

“I did think it was funny it came one day after April Fools' Day," Mary Jo Creech laughed. “I think you could call it 'splinter,' spring split with winter.”

She said she didn't mind the unusual sight, but immediately called her daughter in Ohio when she saw flurries.

Students at University of North Carolina Greensboro enjoyed the snow outside, some throwing a Frisbee on a lawn on campus.

"When can you say you play in the snow? So we’re out here tossing the Frisbee and being goofs. I’m having some fun,” Matthew Porter said.

Restaurant owner Rob Fox said the best part of a spring snow shower how short the storm would last.

"It’s pretty but we’re glad it’s not going to stick and cause any problems,” he said.

Accumulation melted by Tuesday afternoon.

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