As teams face off in the Sweet Sixteen, their fans are bringing the heat

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- As teams face off in the Sweet Sixteen, their fans are also showing up and bringing the heat.

"Duke's going down tonight. Hokies baby,” said one fan. "Tar Heel born and Tar heel bred. When I die, I'm Tar Heel dead,” said another fan.

Now that’s just a taste of the team spirit that these diehard college basketball fans are bringing as March Madness continues into the weekend.

"We're here for the Tar Heels because they're the best,” said Abby James.

Many people said this is the part of the season they wait for all year long. They’re out to watch their team box out the competition in hopes of taking home that coveted championship trophy.

"March Madness is like Christmas time. I enjoy this better than the holidays,” said James.

Fans are going above and beyond when it comes to showing support. Some of them said they have their own practices to help ensure that their team gets a victory.

"Normally if I watch a game and they win, I wear the same thing that I wore at the previous game, but I didn't do that tonight but hopefully it still works."

All in all, these fans said that it’s the atmosphere that makes watching March Madness that more exciting.

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