14 goats and a 500-pound llama mauled by pack of dogs in North Carolina

HOKE COUNTY, N.C. – Authorities said packs of dogs in Hoke County killed more than two dozen animals, including 14 goats and a 500-pound llama.

WNCN reported that Pat Belskie said the dogs recently killed much of her livestock and only one goat survived.

"I've been in combat,” said Robin Berry, Belskie’s neighbor. “I felt like I was in a combat zone.”

Then, Friday morning, Belskie said the pack returned to attack her neighbor's goats.

Berry said last august some of her livestock was killed by a different pack of dogs. She said these are not coyotes and believe at one point they were likely pets.

She believes some of the dogs may come from people in Fort Bragg who move around and leave them behind.

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