Nonprofit says Greensboro sees more litter this year following severe weather

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- As Greensboro Beautiful gears up for a city-wide spring cleanup, Director Lynne Leonard says she's noticed more trash this year than in the past.

"I’m not sure where all of it’s coming from but we did have two hurricanes back in the fall, we had a tornado last April, things happen, lots of rain,” Leonard said. "It blows and flows, so it’s coming from somewhere and it made it harder to pick up last winter.”

Leonard said heavy rains have limited amount of cleanups people have been able to complete.

Ahead of a spring sweep scheduled April 6, Leonard said that the city tracks littler hot spots with an interactive map year round.

“Those are sites that either sites that have been reported to us needing cleanup, or that we have been able to identify through our community appearance index which is a visual assessment of the city of Greensboro,” she said.

Hot spots can be found along Buffalo Creek, Wendover Avenue and Summit Avenue, as well as an empty lot off 16th Street.

“If you let something get rundown and ugly, that’s just going to collect more litter, and that’s just going to be a reflection of how we feel about certain areas, or how we feel about where we live,” Leonard said. “We want to instill a sense of pride in Greensboro”

She hopes that by taking part in cleanups, residents realize the impacts that litter can have.

“It impacts so many things. It impacts quality of life, it’s a reflection of how we feel about our community,” she said.

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