Inseparable cat and dog finally find forever home — together!

BOSTON — They're an animal odd couple, and now, they have a forever home.

Kitty is a 6-year-old tabby cat, and Leila is a 2-year-old chihuahua.

They were dropped off at a Boston shelter a couple of weeks ago in the same carrier.

Staff were able to see how devoted the pair were to each other, and special arrangements were made that allowed them to sleep near each other.

Typically, the center houses dogs and cats separately.

After a local news story, the shelter got dozens of inquiries about Kitty and Leila.

and now, they have a new home with a Sudbury couple.

"They love each other. They feel calm and supported when they're near each other. It's just a very special event. Their friendship is really at a whole new level."

Kitty and Leila were not abandoned.

Their original owners lost their home and were unable to find a place to live that would accept their pets.

Staff at the MSPCA Adoption Center in Jamaica Plain said it's unusual for a dog and cat to be surrendered together.

This is part of the reason they agreed not to separate them in the shelter.

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