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Randolph County bans tobacco products on government-owned properties

RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. — The Randolph County commission passed an ordinance banning the use of tobacco products on all government-owned properties in the county.

Commission Chair Darrell Frye said their focus was at the courthouse and public libraries.

Commissioner Frye said that they started working on this ordinance because there’s been a lot of abuse at these facilities.

He said the butts and tobacco products on the ground and smudged against the buildings are unsightly and unclean. The commission also hopes that this ban will inspire people to make healthier choices. There are several people in Asheboro that said they agree with the commission’s decision.

"I think it's definitely a bad habit,” said Zach Frye. "I mean there's so much youth around and youth walking around. Their minds are like sponges, and if they see other people doing they'll think it's cool. If we can keep it away as much as possible, it'll increase life expectancy."

We also spoke to others who are not for the ban at all.

"I just don't think it's fair. If you're old enough to buy cigarettes, you should be able to smoke them anywhere you want to,” said David Sykes.

Many people against the ordinance said this is a violation of their rights.

"If they don't let you smoke in the building, they ought to have a designated area outside where you can at least smoke and put your cigarette buds in a can or wherever,” said Sykes.

Commissioner Frye said the ordinance will go into effect starting May 11. He said that people who are caught breaking the rule could be fined $50.

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