Davidson County man hopes to get young people interested in beekeeping

DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- When the weather gets warm, bees get busy.

“The big thing is to make sure they get enough food,” beekeeper Chris Senters said. “It's just on now through November.”

Senters is constantly checking on his hives to see how they are doing.

“You can see the honey they've gathered up,” said Senters, who started keeping bees as a hobby. “I started with two hives and was instantly hooked.”

He now has dozens of hives and millions of bees.

“What’s really interesting is 20 percent are out looking for flowers,” he said.

Besides making honey, bees play a vital role in our ecosystem.

The number of honey bees are on the decline and so are bee keepers.

“The average age of a beekeeper is past retirement,” he said. “So as the people pass on we need younger people to get involved..”

While Senters hopes to have hundreds of hives this year to make a ton of honey he is also helping educate others. This Saturday, he’ll host an introduction to honey bees.

You can learn more about Senters and the event by visiting his Facebook page or on Instagram.

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