Winston-Salem man will not be charged in Baltimore after more than 16 pounds of marijuana found in trunk

Marijuana stock photo (Getty Images)

BALTIMORE – A Winston-Salem man accused of having more than 16 pounds of marijuana in his car no longer faces charges in Maryland where Baltimore’s prosecutor said they won’t prosecute anyone for having marijuana.

WBAL reported that Dwight Chinyee was charged Feb. 5 with importing marijuana and possession with intent to distribute.

Police said he was pulled over for speeding and the marijuana was found in large, heat-sealed bags in the trunk of his car.

Chinyee was originally arrested and jailed without bond for 30 days. But he’s now free since Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby changed her policy to no longer prosecute possession cases.

Mosby announced in January that having marijuana would no longer be a prosecutable crime, no matter how much or the person’s criminal history.

Mosby said in her announcement that she will vacate almost 5,000 cases involving marijuana possession dating back to 2011.

The Associated Press reported that Chinyee is from Winston-Salem.

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