Greensboro man who walks 5 tiny dogs has quite the following on Nextdoor

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The morning commute is filled with busy drivers on their way to work and school, but on Lawndale Drive, Mark Hunt manages to get their attention.

“It's unusual to see a person walking five dogs, especially five small dogs, so you see them you just want to laugh,” he said.

Hunt walks his family’s five Shih Tzus outside of Greensboro Day School where his daughter is a student.

“A lot of people, specifically the lower school students like to see my dad walking the dogs,” Cynthia-Mae Hunt said.

To Hunt’s surprise, he has developed a following in the neighborhood.

Several people have commented in the Nextdoor app about how they enjoy seeing Hunt and the dogs.

His wife, Andrea, told him about the messages.

“I pulled it up and I see these pages and pages and pages of comments about they're so excited to see him in the morning, and what car they drive, and how it makes their day,” Andrea Hunt said.

Hunt didn’t think he would get such a strong reaction from walking dogs, but he’s glad that people find it uplifting.

Cynthia-Mae has been so touched by the community support that she’s writing a book about it.

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