Greensboro Criminal Justice Advisory Commission talks knowing your rights

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The newly-formed Greensboro Criminal Justice Advisory Commission held a forum Thursday night on "The Constitution, Police and Prosecutors."

The interactive program discussed knowing what rights you and police have.

Commissioner and Elon Law professor Dr. Steven Friedland says a better understanding of both parties' actions is crucial.

"To show what police are allowed to do and what might occur, so that people don't say wait a minute look what they did. Well they are constitutionally permitted to do that," Friedland said.

The conversation touched on several police practices and striking a balance between security and freedom of action without compromising people's rights.

The commission is working to bridge the gap between police and community members.

"We are on the other side of the net from each other. Well now, how do we work to minimize that and promote what we all want?" Friedland said.

Friedland says that starts with changing the culture.

"It's really about moving sides together so we're not viewing police all the time as enemies and they are not looking at us as criminals," Friedland said.

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