Severe Thunderstorm Warning issued for parts of the Piedmont

NC Statewide Tornado Drill planned for Wednesday morning

The National Weather Service plans to hold a Statewide Tornado Drill Wednesday morning, according to the NWS.

At 9:30 a.m., test messages will go out on the Emergency Alert System and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration weather radios, and schools and government buildings will practice their emergency plans.

The NWS encourages all North Carolinians to participate in the drill.

“With warmer weather quickly approaching, now is the time to prepare for the severe weather season,” The NWS said in a release. “If each North Carolina resident would take a few moments this week to learn about severe weather safety and implement a safety plan, then we would all be better off when severe thunderstorms and tornadoes inevitably strike our state and the likelihood of injury and fatalities caused by severe weather could be minimized.”

For more information, visit the NWS overview of North Carolina’s 2019 Severe Weather Preparedness Week.

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