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Mother accused of letting man molest 2-year-old for money leads police to suspect

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HOUSTON — A man from Houston was recently taken into custody after a woman, charged with taking money to let a man molest her daughter, identified him as the other suspect, WMYT reports.

Last year, officials intercepted Sarah Peters on her way to the city of Conroe, Texas.

Peters had reportedly agreed to meet up with Michael Lowry to allow him to engage in sexual intercourse with her two-year-old daughter for $1,200.

When they arrived, she was taken into custody, and the girl was taken into Child Protective Service.

Peters then told law enforcement of sexual acts Lowry had previously performed on her daughter and showed messages of Lowry allegedly asking for nude photos of the child.

The woman told officers that, on multiple occasions, she had exchanged the pornographic images of the girl with Lowry.

At his home, Lowry’s wife led officers to his cell phone, laptop and a thumb drive where they found such photos.

His wife told WMYT they were in an open marriage and she was aware of a relationship between Lowry and Peters, but his wife ended the relationship after learning of the allegations.

According to the station, the man said he had not had sexual contact with the 2-year-old, but he “further admitted to talking to Peters about having children together and raising the children in an incestuous family.”

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