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‘It’s a blessing’: Burlington man donating kidney to mother

BURLINGTON, N.C. -- Art is a way of life for Burlington resident Tim Martin. He's been drawing for several years, sketching portraits using charcoal and graphite.

Recently, he's been thinking of his next drawing, which is centered around the gift he plans to share with his mom.

Last year, Jacqueline Brown, Tim's mother, was diagnosed with diabetes and later found out she'd need a kidney transplant. Without question, Martin immediately said he would give her one of his kidneys before even knowing if it was possible.

"My son immediately responded and said, 'Well I have a kidney for you, so what's next?'" Brown said.

Martin and Brown were initially told by doctors that they did not share the same blood type, but they later received a call that would re-ignite their hope.

"The hospital calls and says, 'We made a mistake you guys are the same blood type,'" Brown said.

"It's a blessing. I just thanked God when they called back and told us it was a mistake and I really was a match. We were beyond excited," Martin said.

The gift of life came from his mother, now he's trying to return the favor.

"He's excited, I'm nervous but I'm glad I get to do it with him," Brown said.

The mother and son duo want to shine a light on the importance of kidney donors. They want people who have healthy kidneys to consider becoming live donors.

"I pray more people to become aware of how safe being a donor is and will consider donating a kidney," Brown said.

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