Greensboro mom remembering brothers killed in crash 1 year ago

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A community still grieving one year later.

Ronak and Param Patel were driving home on March 6, 2018, but never made it there.

It shattered the Patel family and the community.

"We drive across this bridge every single day," Nicole Purdie said.

Purdie's oldest son was friends with 18-year-old Ronak, who was driving his little brother, 10-year-old Param, in the rain.

He lost control, hydroplaned and crashed.

One year later, there are carnations on the side of Bass Chapel Road, by the bridge behind the steel barrier.

"It was just on my calendar, this date, and in my heart," Purdie said. "It's in my heart to show the family how much we remember the boys and how much we miss them."

The flowers are a small, but significant sign of sadness.

"When I think about dreams their parents won't get to see their kids realize, it just doesn't seem fair," Purdie said.

For that reason, she wanted to remember the day: counting her own blessings and praying for the Patels.

"I think when something like this happens, life for everyone else goes on," she said. "We all grieve. We grieved with the family, but life goes on."

She wants them to know she will always remember.

"I want them to know we have not forgotten and we will always remember the boys," she said.

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