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Company eyeing downtown Greensboro space for new office, could bring more than 200 jobs

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- More than 200 jobs could be on their way to Greensboro.

New York-based company Centric Brands Inc. is eyeing the Old Greensborough Gateway Center in downtown for a new office location.

Developer Andy Zimmerman gutted the building in the last few years and now calls it The Gateway Building.

“My vision was to always have a creative class in this building,” Zimmerman said. “On the north side of the tracks you have your high-rise buildings and a lot of attorneys and a lot of accountants.”

According to the Centric Brands Inc. website, they design, produce, manage and build kid's wear and women’s and men’s accessories and apparel.

“They are looking at Greensboro as an opportunity for a more lifestyle of affordability and being able to be a part of a smaller community here,” Zimmerman said.

Right now, the City of Greensboro is considering giving the company an economic development incentive grant worth up to $426,000. Centric Brand Inc. would have to create 213 jobs on or before June 30, 2022.

“I wish I was still serving on city council so I could vote for it,” said Zack Matheny, the CEO of Downtown Greensboro Inc.

The average salary for the jobs would be more than $50,000 plus benefits.

"This is the exact type jobs we've been talking about in downtown Greensboro for the last few years,” Matheny said. “It is the creative design focus. The college students that we have, 48,000 students that we are trying to retain, this is what they want so having this opportunity is tremendous for our region."

FOX8 did reach out to Centric Brands Inc. to see why they are so interested in Greensboro but we did not get an answer.

On March 15, the city is holding a public hearing on the incentives. The public is welcome to share opinions on the proposal.

“It will help the restaurants. It will help the shops and it will help us quite frankly retain college students and the talent that we have,” Matheny said.

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