New downtown Greensboro hotel to welcome guests starting March 15

GREENBSORO, N.C. -- Guests will begin staying at the new Hyatt Place hotel in downtown Greensboro in less than two weeks.

On Tuesday, developer Roy Carroll showed FOX8 around the property on the corner of Bellemeade and Eugene streets.

“This is a huge deal for downtown Greensboro,” Carroll said. “Every downtown needs a good hotel so they can bring in folks from out of town.”

Inside, there are rooms with magnificent views and plenty of open space in the now-furnished lobby that features a breakfast area and a bar.

A lot of progress has been made since the end of January, when FOX8 last visited, when the rooms did not have mattresses. Now, linens are on the beds and travel-size essentials are in the bathrooms.

“We've got weddings booked,” Carroll said. “We've got corporate events booked and private events booked. I think our meeting space is going to be a big hit.”

More than 20 events are being planned for the meeting rooms and ballroom space, which can hold up to 150 people. Carroll’s team has also already established partnerships with local corporations.

“I believe it is going to work out well based on the activity and interest we've had so far, that's why we're looking at maybe putting another hundred million dollars across the street here,” Carroll said.

Catty-corner to Hyatt Place hotel and Carroll at Bellemeade apartments, which are also almost done, Carroll plans to put in a multi-million dollar mixed-use development.

He plans to make a big announcement about that in the next 30 days.

We also asked Carroll about the space he owns at Hobbs and Friendly. He said it would not be a strip mall and said he hopes to speak with neighbors and have rough concepts created by the end of this year.

“I'm thinking something more pedestrian friendly where maybe you come park your car, maybe there is some pedestrian mall, plaza and maybe with fountains,” Carroll said. “I want to make something really neat.”

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