Page High School students rally around classmate ‘in the fight for his life’

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Page High School students are rallying around each other as senior Sincere Davis is "in the fight for his life."

"He was shot in the head. It's kind of hard for people to understand how this could happen to such a good kid," said senior Tymeik Jackson, a classmate of Davis'. "He's a good kid. He has a lot of things going for him."

Davis is the starting running back for the school's football team.

He's in critical condition.

"He was at a kick back and I guess things got out of hand," Jackson said.

Classmates are still unable to understand how something like this could happen to him.

"It's really sad to think that someone you go to school with -- it's not something that happens everyday for you to get shot like that, so I was just like, 'Dang,'" Cynthia Nimely said.

Nimely has been in class with Davis for years.

"It's crazy how someone you see every day could just like go like that," she said.

Now, the Page Pirate family is coming together.

"Near the cafeteria we're signing stuff for him and making sure he's better, so the whole school is participating in that," Nimely said.

"People have been going to see him in the hospital, talking to his mom and making sure they're OK," Jackson said.

They're determined to stay strong for Davis and remain resilient in their faith.

"Everyone is sad but they know he's strong and he's going to make it through," Nimely said. "We're all looking at the upside and being optimistic and we feel like he's going to make it through since he's still fighting."

Football practices have been canceled through Wednesday to focus on supporting Davis and his family.

Pirates head coach Jared Rolfes said they are not ready to talk at this time.

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