NC Walmart greeter with cerebral palsy almost loses job before community, store steps up

Jay Melton (WLOS)

MCDOWELL COUNTY, N.C. — A beloved Walmart greeter from North Carolina was worried he’d lose his job until his community rallied around him.

Jay Melton has cerebral palsy and can’t walk without assistance. He’s worked as a greeter at the Marion Walmart for nearly 17 years.

“Walmart, going to church and Carolina basketball. That’s what he looks forward to,” his father, Jim Melton, told WLOS.

Last week, Melton found out the Marion Walmart is getting rid of the greeter job. Because of his cerebral palsy, Melton doesn’t meet the requirements to apply for the customer host position replacing his greeter job.

“Jay has been at Walmart for as long as I can remember and he shouldn’t have to lose his job over big corporate guys because they don’t see the impact he has on people,” the petition reads.

When the news broke, however, supporters emerged from the woodwork, putting together a petition 5,000 signatures strong to tell the Marion Walmart not to give up on him.

After the large public outcry, WLOS learned he has accepted a new position as “self checkout host.” That is according to a post on Marion Walmart’s Facebook page Thursday evening.

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