Art teacher at High Point Christian Academy develops faith-based superhero ‘The Black Starr’

HIGH POINT, N.C. – Rodney Bennett loves helping students at High Point Christian Academy reach their potential.

“God-given talent is important but it's in seed form,” said Bennett. “We have to be willing to take the God-given talent and apply to it.”

Bennett should know because he discovered his talent at an early age.

“I always loved superheroes,” he said. “I was drawing Superman, Batman and Darth Vader.”

Eventually he would come up with a superhero of his own named “The Black Starr.”

He came up with the character after realizing the lack of diversity on the pages of comic books.

“If superheroes existed in the real world they all would not be white,” said Bennett, whose superhero is set apart by more than just his skin color. “He is a hero that recognizes the source of his strength which is the Lord.”

The legend of Black Starr is a faith-based adventure series.

“Plenty of action in there, but when you look at the way the Black Starr is dealing with stuff,” he said. “He does it with faith.”

But Bennett really does have his own super powers, the ability to help his students discover talents of their own.

You can find his work at

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