North Carolina police chase ends when off-duty officer, driving with family, gets out to tackle suspect


Lt. Michael Capps happened to be in the right place at the right time Wednesday, WLOS reports.

He’s a 23-year law enforcement veteran and current lieutenant of the Laurel Park Police Department.

But, on Wednesday, as he was driving along Interstate 26 in Polk County, he wasn’t in police officer-mode.

He was in husband-and-dad-mode driving home from Charlotte with his family.

“It was just a very chaotic scene, and I could see up ahead that two officers was struggling with what appeared to be a suspect. I saw a guy running toward us, running down the interstate, with an officer pursuing him, and so my wife actually looked over and she said, ‘You’re getting out, aren’t you?’ And I don’t even think I said anything to her, I just got out of the car and helped apprehend him,” Capps said.

Capps said he was just glad he was there and able to step in, and now that the adrenaline’s worn off for the entire family, they can sit back, relax and even laugh a little about what happened.

Read more at WLOS. 

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