Great-grandma to burglar: ‘Mother (expletive) … I’ll blow your damn brains out’

Hans Rogers

JACKSON COUNTY, Ga. – A great-grandmother fired shots at a man who broke into her home – scaring him into a closet until police arrived, WSB- reported.

Gwendolyn Agard, 79, grabbed her gun when a man broke in through a second-floor door. She yelled at the man and fired her gun. She missed him but the intruder hid in a closet until police arrived.

“I’ve always said, don’t ever let anybody come in and run you out your of your own house,” Agard told WSB. “And I said to him, ‘You come down those steps and I’ll blow your f****g brains out.’ That’s exactly what I said.”

“Trust me. God was all in the picture. Because my legs were trembling. I was saying, ‘Lord have mercy Jesus.’ And then, ‘M*********r’ the next time. It was all mixed in,” she said.

The suspect, Hans Rogers, 20, faces numerous charges including home invasion.


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