‘It’s just a nightmare’: Clemmons family dog shot and killed by pellet gun

CLEMMONS, N.C. — Todd and Donna Harris got their first full night's sleep on Monday, just two days after they found their beloved dog, Loni, shot with a pellet gun.

Friday evening, Loni walked along her favorite trail buried in the woods that sit on the boundary of her family’s property. The six-year-old English Pointer began to bark while on the trail that night.

“Her alert bark went off,” Todd Harris explained. He was around 250 yards away from Loni and had begun to work in his garage. “When I heard her barking I immediately starting walking toward her and calling her name.”

Loni’s barks continued for 10 seconds before they stopped. Todd stood in his driveway and stared at the spot in the woods where he had heard her.

“Then about five seconds later, I heard her yelping, and I could hear she was in pain,” Todd said.

Todd saw Loni running full speed toward him. Every step she took, Todd could see and hear her gasp for air.

“When I got (to her), I picked her up, and I immediately knew what it was,” Todd said as he discovered she had blood filling up her lungs.

Loni died just three minutes into the car ride to the vet.

X-rays later confirmed that a pellet had been lodged into her lungs.

Todd and Donna were told by investigators that they believe Loni had been shot at near point-blank range while she was running away.

“It’s just a sickening feeling to think someone shot her that closely,” Todd said. He also believe that whomever shot his beloved pet called her to come closer to them. “I heard her barking, and then it stopped for a few seconds. Someone called her over to them.”

Davidson County Sheriff’s Office and Animal Control are investigating the shooting.

The Harris family and Forever Friends of North Carolina have offered a $1,500 reward for information that will lead to the discovery of whomever shot Lani.

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