Could elderberry be the key to preventing the flu?

Local doctors say they believe we are approaching the peak of flu season in our area.

They say the best way to prevent the flu is the vaccine, but some patients have been asking about an alternative.

People are talking about the power of elderberry.

You can buy elderberry syrup or elderberry gummies. Many claim elderberry boosts the immune system, and can keep you from getting sick or at least shorten your symptoms.

Doctors say people have used elderberry for centuries, however very little scientific research has been done on elderberry's effectiveness.

Two small studies conducted in the early 2000s found it did help shorten flu symptoms for patients from six days to two. However, doctors say very few people participated in those studies and more research needs to be done to prove elderberry boosts the immune system.

They say taking elderberry won't hurt you, but if you believe you have the flu, you should see your doctor.

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