Population Health: Creating Healthier Communities for Adults With Chronic Illness

A chronic or long-term illness is a condition that lasts the duration of a person’s life. They require periodic monitoring and intervention by a primary care provider. Diabetes, lung disease and heart disease are the 3 leading chronic illnesses in the U.S.

Triad HealthCare Network (THN) is an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) that is made up of physicians who work with social workers, pharmacists, nurses and mid-level providers (nurse practitioners and physician assistants) to not only identify patients with chronic illnesses, but make sure their conditions are being monitored to the best of a provider’s ability. Some patients have barriers that prevent them from seeking the health care they need, such as difficulty finding transportation or not being able to get their medicine. THN’s goal is to not let those patients fall through the cracks.

THN provides resources to patients, along with clinics and private offices, in an effort to help those with chronic illnesses manage their care. Resources include:

  • Education.
  • Data and analytics.
  • Problem solving and care management.
  • Mobile paramedic units that visit patients with congestive heart failure.

Visit triadhealthcarenetwork.com to find a THN provider and explore resources that will help you in your health care journey.

Spokesperson Background:

Beth Hodges, MD, is a medical director with Triad HealthCare Network and a family medicine doctor in the Triad. She earned her medical degree at Wright State University School of Medicine in Dayton, Ohio.

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