‘It made no sense’: Couple discovers dozens of LimeBikes at Greensboro scrapyard

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- You may have a harder time tracking down a LimeBike in Greensboro.

A couple says they spotted 50 or more bikes at a local scrapyard.

Erin Saunders and Billy Williamson were shocked to see a mountain of LimeBikes piled on top of scrap metal at DH Griffin Wrecking Co. on Tuesday afternoon.

They both say the bikes appeared to be in good condition.

"You could tell that they weren't damaged at all. They were just thrown onto a pile of metal," Saunders said.

Their first thought was why not rehab or donate the bikes.

"It made no sense to us. Why they weren't repurposed some sort of way," Saunders said.

When we reached out to Lime to ask why the bikes were at the scrapyard they sent us this statement:

"When we determine a bike has reached the end of its life cycle – meaning it no longer meets our standards for rider use – it is our policy to recycle these in an environmentally conscious way. While the visual of bikes coupled with other metal may imply they have been thrown away, this is inaccurate. These sites are, in fact, not landfills, but the facilities for companies which specialize in iron and steel recycling."

Saunders and Williamson aren't convinced. They believe it's a waste of materials.

"Donating them, giving them away, taking them to communities, anything but taking them to a scrapyard," Saunders said.

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