2 arrested at Thomasville house where baby found dead in November

THOMASVILLE, N.C. -- Two people were arrested and drugs were seized at a home where a baby was found dead in November in Thomasville.

Kara Garnsey, 23, is accused of going to a Verizon store and impersonating an officer.

An employee said that Garnsey came in on Feb. 17, pretending she was a detective trying to solve a federal crime. The employee sensed something wasn't right and called the real police immediately.

On Feb. 18, police went to 213 Broad St. to take Garnsey into custody. Police also arrested James Lavancha, 40, and found drugs inside the home.

Neighbors told FOX8 that they've suspected something suspicious was going on at the home for awhile.

"I kind of had a feeling, whenever he was going in and out of the [back] building with a measuring cup and stuff like that," one neighbor said.

They thought the police were on to something too.

"We saw a cop car one night and it was parked up, parked across the street," another neighbor said. "It was looking down the road, in the direction of the house, but it didn't have it's lights on. We thought it was really strange but we never saw any activity."

It's not the first time officers have been through those front doors.

A 3-week-old baby was found dead at the home on Nov. 30, 2018.

Officers documented they also found drug paraphernalia while looking into the baby's death.

On May 9, FOX8 obtained the autopsy report of 22-day-old Louis Kevin Garnsey, the baby in this case, which stated, "The lack of significant traumatic injuries, toxicological findings, congenital abnormalities, infection disease processes or other natural disease that would account for death could be consistent with a diagnosis of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). However, a hazardous sleep enthronement (sharing a sleep surface with adults and adult bedding) is a known risk factor for an accidental asphyxial event. An asphyxial event cannot be ruled out based on on the autopsy findings. Therefore, the cause and manner of death are best classified as undetermined."

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