Digital kiosks coming to downtown Greensboro

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- New technology will soon help visitors to downtown Greensboro navigate the city, find places to park and choose a restaurant.

Digital kiosks, known as City Posts, will be installed at 13 intersections in the downtown area next month.

“The boards will provide information on attractions, provide information on directions, provide information on small business who can advertise through the boards,” City Councilman Justin Outling said.

CEO of Downtown Greensboro Inc. Zach Matheny said the boards would help light up city streets and add a cool factor to the downtown area.

“We’re excited about this program, we’re going to keep pushing to get more exciting programs in downtown,” he said.

Outling said that the cost of the boards would be covered by advertising, not the city.

"So local businesses can advertise on the boards and that pays the cost to the company that owns the boards. But to our community, it cost nothing -- one of the best features of it,” Outling said.

Employees at Southside Diner and Cheesecakes by Alex said Monday that they looked forward to the new additions.

"You really don’t know (all the businesses) unless you walk all the way through downtown, but if there’s a board that tells you exactly what’s here, what they have, could help a lot,” Jimekia Lander said.

Outling said they hope to expand the program beyond downtown.

"The first of the boards, 13 of them will be primarily in downtown Greensboro. But our hope is to expand it across the city, have some at our universities, UNCG, A&T and Bennet. So look forward to the boards coming to Greensboro in April," he said.

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