‘No conspiracies here’: Chuck E. Cheese’s says they do not recycle pizza

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(Getty Images)

A conspiracy theory alleging Chuck E. Cheese’s recycles pizza went viral, and now the kid’s restaurant has responded.

Shane Dawson shared the theory in a YouTube video, claiming that employees gather uneaten pizza at Chuck E. Cheese’s and put it all together to make new pizzas, which they then serve to customers.

Dawson said the evidence for his claim is that the slice lines, including partial pieces of pepperoni, do not appear to line up correctly.

He also said that a friend of his that once worked at a Chuck E. Cheese’s confirmed the theory — but he also takes that supposed confirmation with a grain of salt, adding that his friend could have lied.

Chuck E. Cheese’s strongly denied the claims in a statement given to The Verge.

The claims made in this video about Chuck E. Cheese’s and our pizza are unequivocally false. No conspiracies here — our pizzas are made to order and we prepare our dough fresh in restaurant, which means that they’re not always perfectly uniform in shape, but always delicious.

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