#100Homes campaign hopes to convert renters into homeowners in Greensboro

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- One-hundred homes sold in 365 days is the goal for the Housing Consultants Group and the City of Greenboro. Through their campaign, #100Homes, their mission is to convert renters to homeowners.

Founder Sofia Crisp said the idea developed last year after tornadoes tore through east Greensboro.

“It was devastating. You're taking a zip code that is usually low to moderate income and then you throw a tornado on it," Crips said. “Then you throw the fact that you have renters without renter's insurance and homeowners without homeowner's insurance."

HCG and the North Carolina Foundation assisted the storm victims providing one month's rent or mortgage.

“With over half of the population being renters and the average rent being $800, I kind of felt like we should do something," Crips said.

With the one-year anniversary of the April tornadoes approaching, she's kicked off this campaign to bring added growth to the area.

“There's not a lot of housing in that area. We think that's a good place to start and draw some attention to and really to put some dollars in that area to rebuild it," Crisp said.

The City of Greensboro and HCG are helping people start an emergency fund by using the extra money saved through buying instead of renting a home.

“We want to make sure that we're prepared and we stay engaged with them not only when they're buying the home by pre-purchase education, we have post purchase education. We have housing counseling," Crisp said.

Making sure these owners are always prepared, especially if devastation were to strike again.

“I think that affordable housing is on the tops of everybody's minds now and it's important to make sure we put people in homes and make sure they're going to be sustainable homeowners," Crisp said.

The #100Homes campaign isn't just for those in east Greensboro. They hope to help anyone purchasing a home in the Greensboro area.

If you're interested in joining the campaign and need more information, click here.

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