Weekend shootings in High Point continue trend in neighborhoods

HIGH POINT, N.C. -- High Point police are investigating three different shootings that occurred over the second weekend in February, which left three people injured.

The first shooting happened around 1:30 a.m. Friday near the intersection of Business 85 and Interstate 74.

Police said that a man reported that he had been followed by a dark grey car. At one point the driver of the car pulled up next to him and shot at his vehicle multiple times.

The victim was not hurt and was able to speed his way back to his home, which was less than two miles away, on True Lane.

According to the High Point crime map, there have been four reported shootings in this area near True Lane within the past seven months.

“We hear it when we’re in the living room, just watching TV, we’ll hear a pop, pop, pop, pop, and we know it’s not fireworks,” is how Jeff Varner described the various gunshots that he and his wife have heard over the past months.

He said shootings are nothing new to he and his neighbors. He also explained how the gunshots ring out in the exact spot where he and his wife see the most drug-related activity.

The criminals use the road behind his house because, “It’s pretty secluded,” he said.

The second shooting happened Friday evening on Scientific Drive. A family was sitting inside their house where multiple bullets flew through their windows and doors.

911 calls verify that three people were shot, with at least one of them being hit in the leg.

Police confirm that it was a drive-by shooting, but said they do not have a description of the vehicle involved.

The last shooting happened Saturday on Lawndale Avenue. Multiple people reported hearing dozens of loud “bangs” coming from a house in the 300 block of the street.

Authorities said another drive-by shooting targeted the house, which was vacant.

Neighbors explain that this was the second shooting on the street within a three day time frame.

High Point police do not know if these instances are connected.

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