Neighbors upset about cows on the loose in Davidson County

DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- Birds and squirrels are pretty common in Don Brown's Davidson County neighborhood. But another animal is making an appearance as well.

"They were here yesterday morning when I went to church," Brown said. "And then late yesterday evening, they were back out again."

According to Brown and several neighbors, nine to 10 cows wander through the neighborhood.

"Walking through the yards and eating the gardens up and leaving their hoof prints and other things," Brown said.

A creek and woods separate the cow pasture from the nearby homes. A fence used to serve as a barrier too. But the cows have shown that the fence is no longer doing its job.

"The fence is old and shot, the cows just want to eat," Brown said.

When they get out, cows graze on the lawns. But sometimes gardens are on the menu. Brown explains that's when the wandering cows can be a problem.

"If you got a garden and you put a lot of work into it, it bothers you. You go out there and the cows have stomped on it and ate it up for you," Brown said.

Brown and other homeowners are not sure who owns the cows. They just want the owners to be responsible.

"Whoever takes care of the cows, at least fix the fence," Brown said. "It's dangerous. They are black cows and you don't see them at night and they have been on the road."

FOX8 spoke with Davidson County Animal Control. The organization has not received any complaints from neighbors about the cows. Animal Control suggest homeowners give them a call.

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