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A devastating jump led him to the love of his life

RICHMOND, Va. -- A fateful jump into the James River cost Hanover native Cole Sydnor the use of his arms and legs.

In August 2011, the then 15-year-old Atlee High School athlete dove into the river and hit his head on a rock. The impact shattered Sydnor’s vertebrae rendering him quadriplegic, according to WTVR.

"You can be pissed off about it and let it consume you," said Sydnor, whose been in a wheelchair for nearly eight years now. "Or you can just say, 'Alright, this is it. Let's just roll with it.' Have a good time and try to be joyful."

That positive attitude went on to play a large role in Sydnor's recovery and new life.

"I really love that he's super supportive and super positive," Charisma Jamison said. "And his blue eyes. I love them too."

Sydnor and Jamison first crossed paths at Sheltering Arms Physical Rehabilitation where Sydnor was undergoing rehab. Jamison was a rehabilitation technician.

"I saw this beautiful girl walking around Sheltering Arms," Sydnor recalled with a smile.

“He slid in my DMs,” Jamison told The Washington Post.

Direct messages turned into direct conversations.

From there, love was born.

Charisma and Cole

"If I ever lost Charisma, I don't know what I'd do," Sydnor said. "She's shown me what love is like."

"Because he loves me so much, he's made me realize how valuable of a person I am," Jamison added.

They now spend their time not only focused on each other, but also educating others about their interabled relationship.

They started a YouTube channel, "Roll with Cole & Charisma," with the goal of breaking down misconceptions that can surround interabled relationships.

"Dating someone in a wheelchair is not that much different," he said. "We're just two people in love."

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