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Mumps outbreak confirmed at ICE detention facility in Houston

Mumps stock photo (Photo by Illustration Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

HOUSTON, Texas – Seven cases of mumps have been confirmed at a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facility in Houston, according to Houston’s health department.

The Houston Chronicle reported that all seven people already had the infection when they were detained. There is no evidence the disease was transmitted to anyone outside the facility.

Mumps is a viral disease caused by the mumps virus. Initial signs and symptoms often include fever, muscle pain, headache, poor appetite and feeling generally unwell.

This is then usually followed by painful swelling of one or both parotid salivary glands. Most people recover from the disease without serious implications.

“Since these individuals were isolated inside the facility during the period they were infectious, we do not anticipate these cases posing a threat to the community,” said Dr. David Persse, Houston’s local health authority and medical director of the city’s EMS program, according to the paper.

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