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Warmer days could wake up the bears in Western North Carolina

American Black Bear (Getty Images)

One resident of the mountains that hunkers down this time of year will likely come out of hiding for awhile, WLOS reports.

Cold weather causes the Western North Carolina black bear to go into what’s called a state of torpor.

That’s a slower heart rate and decreased activity.

But that state can be affected by a sudden change in temperature that sends them out-and-about.

“Unlike the black bear that might be up in Minnesota, that goes into a true hibernation, on a warm day like we’re having here the past few days, bears could get up and they could look for food, they can get out and look for water, things like that,” said Chris Gentile of the Western North Carolina Nature Center, according to WLOS.

But Gentile says that once temperatures drop again, the bears will slow down and take cover until around the middle of April.

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