Local high school wrestlers add yoga to training

BURLINGTON, N.C. -- Wrestlers are tough dudes, right?

But the guys over at Williams High School were willing to step out of their comfort to add something to their training: Yoga.

Senior Marquise Miller dropped the news on his friends.

"They don't believe you at first. They're like, 'Yoga? That don't make sense. Why would you do yoga?' but once they try it really does stretch out everything," he said.

They guys have learned all about child's pose, downward dog, sun salutation and tree pose.

Williams Head Coach Jacob Hewgley has been "all-in" since the beginning.

"With yoga one of the benefits is flexibility and they've obvious gotten a lot more flexible as the season has gone on and it helps them get out of tight spaces," Hewgley said.

Other sports are represented in the class too like football and track. Hewgley hopes to keep the yoga going during off-season workouts.

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