Homeowners near the Greensboro Urban Loop concerned about safety as traffic increases on their road

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A neighborhood road is transforming into a thoroughfare as work on the Greensboro Urban Loop project continues.

Homeowners living along Regents Park Lane say they watch cars race past their homes going well above the 25 mph speed limit.

“Don’t try to beat the car a block away. It’s like a train coming, you think it’s far away but it’s not,” said Bill Voccia, a homeowner on Regents Park Lane.

A growing concern is traffic backing up where Regents Park Lane and Lake Brandt Road intersect as drivers wait to turn left.

During rush hour you can see a line of cars starting at Lake Brandt Road backing up all the way to Knightsbridge Road.

“You can’t even get out of the driveway or come into your house. It’s impossible. Then they want to fight you too. It’s like a different breed of people coming this way,” Voccia said.

A stoplight recently installed at the intersection currently flashes red and yellow, not yet fully operational.

It's a sign of hope for some, but Voccia isn’t convinced a stoplight will fix everything.

“You got a red light and green light like anywhere else, but it’s not going to stop any of the traffic it’s still the same amount,” Voccia said.

Greensboro police have been patrolling the stretch of Regents Park Lane between Lawndale Drive and Lake Brandt Road.

They tell FOX8 since July 2018 they have issued 16 speeding citations.

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