Parents concerned after needles found at Randleman Park

RANDLEMAN, N.C. -- Randleman moms say they want their kids to stay safe when they go to Randleman Park to play.

A Facebook post on Tuesday night showed, what appeared to be people passed out in the car, claiming it was from drugs.

This prompted many concerns in the community, but FOX8 is told it's only part of the problem.

"It terrifies me. My kids take their shoes off every time they come up here," Sara Cross said. "I just made [my son] put his shoes back on."

Cross has four children.

Like every other child at Randleman Park on Wednesday, they were swinging on swings and sliding down the slides.

All of the kids on the playground were completely unaware of what could be hidden in the mulch beneath their feet.

Cross says she's only heard of the stories of needles on the ground and drug activity in the parking lot.

"You can't keep your eyes on them at all times, you know? To me, it's scary," she said. "What if a kid found it and picked it up? You never know."

Tina Dodson, a grandmother of five, has seen it firsthand.

"I found needles twice. Two times," she said.

She takes steps to keep her little ones safe.

"[I'm always] scanning the ground and looking to see if I see anything hazardous. And you shouldn't have to do that at a park," Dodson said.

Both women now look at park play as a potential danger.

"It's hard to feel safe and have them have a good time, and for me to worry about what's going on down in the parking lot," Dodson said.

They're hoping more patrols will scare away suspicious activity.

FOX8 spoke with a Randleman police officer who said they are patrolling, but they can't do anything about problems they don't know about.

"If there's enough time for you to take a picture of it, there's enough time for you to call 911 and have us come out and check on it," said Sgt. Micah Lowe, with Randleman police.

"It just makes me not wanna bring my kids up here," Cross said. "I don't want my kids to see that or witness it. It makes me want to take them elsewhere, but it's everywhere now."

One of the moms said when she did find the needles and saw suspicious cars, she did not call the police. But she plans to in the future.

FOX8 did check in the areas around the playground Wednesday afternoon and did not find any needles.

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