Greensboro city crews clean up trash after people illegally dump

GREENSBORO, N.C. – On Tuesday, FOX8 learned about an illegal dumping issue in an area of Greensboro.

Iris Perez reached out to her neighbors near the New Irving Park neighborhood via the NextDoor app. She shared pictures of a pile of trash on Fawcett Street.

“It's horrible, I see it every day when I walk my dog,” Perez said. “I've seen trash like fast food trash, cups, tires and toys.”

Perez said she first noticed big bulk items like appliance and furniture about a year ago, but things got worse. She believes the junk is attracting more dumping.

“They see all this mess and they think it's just OK for them to come and leave their trash,” Perez said.

An employee with the city of Greensboro’s code enforcement division met FOX8 out at the dumping site. He called in field operations after realizing the area near the street is city property.

Perez believes most of the junk is coming from a nearby apartment complex, but workers with the city told FOX8 it is really tough to prove who is responsible. Someone would have to be caught in the act or leave something that tied him or her to crime.

An employee at The Pointe at Irving Park Apartments, the nearby complex, said they do not encourage people to leave their trash out near the road and will send a reminder so people know not to do it.

“I just want it cleaned up,” Perez said.

Field operations crews say people should know that it is the property owner’s responsibility to clean up any trash or bulk items. The city owns the property near the street on Fawcett Street, which is why its crews came out. If it was private property, the owner would get a notice.

The street cleaning section supervisor said the best thing people can do about this type of issue is keep an eye out. If you see someone illegally dumping, call the police. If you see trash in your neighborhood, you can call the city at (336) 373-CITY.

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