Canadian store clerk beats would-be robber with bananas

ONTARIO, Canada — A Canadian woman beat a man with a bunch of bananas when he tried to rob her store, according to CTV News Toronto.

Seungae Kim and her husband were working at their convenience store in Mississauga, Ontario, on Saturday when it happened.

“Around nine o’clock, my husband was sitting down in the corner watching TV. I was sitting down in this corner having a banana,” Kim told CTV News Toronto.

That’s when a strange man walked in with his face covered and told them to open the cash register.

Surveillance camera video, obtained by CTV News Toronto, caught the whole interaction.

The man climbs onto the counter. Kim’s husband pushes him back. Then, she reaches for the bananas.

She hits him twice before a stray banana slings off the bunch, hitting the man in the face.

As he flees the store, she throws the whole bunch at him.

Kim’s husband chased after him before they called police.

The couple was not injured, and police are still searching for the would-be robber.

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