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Alamance County first grader practices teaching, warms teachers’ heart

ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. — They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, so Laurin Rose, a first grade teacher at Audrey Garrett Elementary School, should be very flattered.

Her student Hanna Greene loves to go home and play school with her little sister.

When she does, she goes over what Mrs. Rose taught her complete with charts and explanations.

According to Hannah's mother Sarah Greene, "She will get up and show us with the easel or with the papers. She will write out and underline key words and vocabulary words and try to get her little sister to copy her and say 'Now, Harper, what is the key detail of this story?' and its kinda of a game that the younger sister has learned to put up with."

Mrs. Greene got video of Hannah teaching her younger sister and showed it to Mrs. Rose. She loved it.

"I thought oh my goodness, she's being a teacher," said Rose. "Just like I was when I was in first grade."

Hannah says her weekend teaching is practice, but its also a salute to her teacher.

"Because she helps us a lot and does good at our learning and she's a great teacher," says Hannah.

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